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Quick petro supplies premium thermal oils for a range of applications. As thermal fluid management experts we also offer heat transfer management services to help extend fluid and system life. These services include regular fluid sampling and analysis, filtration, flash point management and system change out. Our guaranteed rapid response, remote support and “boots on the ground” means that our engineers are always available to offer support.

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Heat Transfer Fluid Analysis

Because synthetic and mineral thermal fluids operate at a high

Flash Point Management

The use of a light ends removal / thermal fluid regeneration kit helps remove

Thermal Fluid Filtration

The use of a thermal fluid filtration system helps to

Filling a Heat Transfer System

Performing the planning, set up and maintenance of a newly

Heat Transfer System Drain

The key to operating a cost effective and productive heat

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response team specialise in quick turnaround of Heat

Predictive Maintenance

Thermocare® 24/7 Live Condition Monitoring is the predictive remote monitoring solution for manufacturing applications using heat transfer fluid. It securely connects fluid data to the cloud and sends an instant alert to site engineers and management personnel, on any smart device, whenever a sudden change occurs which could affect productivity. Thermocare® 24/7 Condition Monitoring, helps us act faster and better manage heat transfer fluid, minimising unplanned downtime and maximising processing and yield. There are three management packages to choose from. The Essential maintenance plan acts as an early warning system to help manage your heat transfer fluid and maintain production. With Optimum, you’ll receive a proactive condition-based approach to managing your fluid. Finally, with Ultimate, Global Heat Transfer will take complete ownership of the maintenance of your heat transfer fluid for a fixed price. No ifs, no buts.

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Quickpetro premium quality thermal heat transfer fluids and flushing and cleaning fluids are custom designed to work in specific heat transfer applications. Quickpetro also supply all major brands of thermal fluid.


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Choosing a Thermal Oil

One of the first considerations should thermal fluid temperature. For example, thermal oils for solar applications must provide high temperature stability to avoid fluid degradation at high operating temperatures. Degradation can reduce overall fluid life and heat transfer system efficiency. It can also impact system safety and increase maintenance costs. You should also consider whether the chosen fluid is safe for your application. In food and beverage processing, a H1 or HT1 certified food grade thermal oil should be used as they are non-toxic. This regulation also applies for thermal oils used in pharmaceutical processing to ensure consumer safety. Select your application here to determine the requirements of your thermal oil. Once you’ve chosen the correct thermal oil, it’s important to maintain it. Over time, the molecules in thermal oil will break down. This is a process called thermal cracking. This creates volatile light ends and heavy ends in the oil, which can cause the fluid to degrade.

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