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Heat transfer system design, installation and management

When designing a new heat transfer system, or developing an existing heat transfer system, good design is a worthwhile investment to increase productivity.
Global Heat Transfer’s technical team can offer technical support and consultation to manage projects and help businesses make better design decisions.

Why is heat transfer system design important?
The design of a heat transfer system impacts how well a fluid performs from first use. Heat transfer fluids will operate effectively for long periods of time when used in a properly designed and operated system. Any issues with the fluid, such as degradation, can be a symptom of poor operating conditions caused by system design issues. For example, if a system is not designed to vent properly, fluid lifespan can decrease.
Project management of thermal fluid system installations
Our team can help to project manage designs and installations of heat transfer systems from the initial enquiry to commissioning and final handover. We can advise on factors throughout a project’s lifecycle, from the positioning of the pipework, to how the system is vented and more. We make sure that every new plant and pipework system is built to high-quality standards and is ready on time and within budget.
Specialist commission thermal fluid projects
We can also help with specialist commissions that are engineered to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Projects include:

Heat transfer system design
When designing a thermal fluid system, you should pay close attention to each component. Taking the time to select the right equipment will build a reliable, leak free and efficient system that meets the requirements of your application. We provide a turnkey professional system design service for heat transfer fluid applications. This includes all steps — from calculations, drawings and detailed costing, through to the supply and installation of integrated system components.
Heat Transfer System Upgrade
Our heat transfer management services also include upgrading outdated installations. Upgrading an existing system can help to improve site safety, production throughput, thermal fluid efficiency and help reduce maintenance costs. We will also manage the project to ensure minimum disruption and reduce the total system downtime.
Manufacturing system components
Our specialist engineering team will specify components including:

Our engineers will specify any components in compliance with the relevant European directives, such as the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), to guarantee safe code compliance and a leak free system.
Thermal fluid system heaters
Global Heat Transfer provides a range of equipment from several of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal fluid devices and apparatus. Equipment is available for hire on short and long terms plans. We supply and hire a range of both new and used thermal apparatus including:

We also provide customised control packages, which can be retrofitted and integrated with existing systems.
Improve energy efficiency with biomass
Global Heat Transfer works in partnership with one of the UK’s leading bio-fuel specialists to help facilities improve their energy efficiency. Using biomass fuels can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Facilities can burn renewable carbon fuels, such as sustainably produced wood, bark, fibreboard residues and other organic materials. All of these materials can produce a viable energy alternative to fossil fuels and can provide heat and energy for a range of domestic and industrial applications. Saving money with biomass combustion and boiler plants can recover energy from wet or dry wood fuels, without loss of efficiency, up to:

Savings in the region of £25,000 per week have been made on gas consumption.

Reducing emissions with biomass
Biomass combined heat and power generators produce 100kW electricity and 200kW heat energy from totally renewable sources, saving 600 tonnes of carbon emissions per unit per year in comparison to conventional fossil fuel powered systems.
If you’re looking to design a new plant, extend a current facility or improve your system, Global Heat Transfer can offer support. Our heat transfer management services include design, installation and project management of bespoke plants. If you’re interested in partnering with Global Heat Transfer for your heat transfer system design and build, call +44 (0)1785 760 555.