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Heat Transfer Fluid Services

Global Heat Transfer provides a range of heat transfer services to improve thermal fluid management and reduce supply issues for manufacturers across Europe and internationally.
We’ve supported manufacturers that use thermal oils in their heat transfer production process for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve worked on hundreds of applications, improved thousands of process facilities and drawn and analysed tens of thousands of thermal oil samples. Our expertise is second to none — that’s why we’re the market leader.

What are the benefits of proactive heat transfer system maintenance?
Manufacturers must ensure their plants run safely and efficiently to meet regulations, such as the Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR). However, in many ways, regulatory compliance is only a minimum in terms of ensuring good maintenance practice and a safe working environment. To further their quality control and safety measures, plant managers should analyse their fluid regularly to detect issues early, carry out maintenance and get support from thermal fluid experts. Investing in proactive maintenance and making use of heat transfer services can prevent system problems that cause costly downtime.
What sectors does Global Heat Transfer support?
We work with a wide range of high performing companies operating heat transfer systems in a variety of sectors, including:

Take a look at our case studies to find out more about our heat transfer services.
Thermal fluid management services
Regularly monitoring and maintaining heat transfer fluid can extend the lifespan of thermal oil and reduce fouling that can damage the system and negatively impact product quality. To help improve fluid condition, Global Heat Transfer offers a regular sampling and heat transfer analysis service. We’ll interpret the data and give advice on how to efficiently carry out maintenance based on the system and fluid. We also provide a range of services that help to maintain fluid and ensure a more cost-effective, and efficient heat transfer system. These include thermal fluid filtration, flash point management and system change out to drain, flush and refill a system with new fluid.
Ongoing support for heat transfer systems
If you don’t require urgent help, take a look at Thermocare, our planned maintenance programmes. These packages are specifically designed for companies who want to maintain high levels of productivity at all times. You can also benefit from our Thermocare® 24/7 Live Condition Monitoring platform. Our cloud-based remote monitoring system uses live real-time analytics to assess the condition of your thermal oil and diagnose potential issues. As soon as the platform detects and anomaly, it warns maintenance personnel by sending an alert to their smart devices.
What other heat transfer services does Global Heat Transfer provide?
We can provide expert advice during a new system design or extension to your existing processes as part of our project management and consultancy service. Once a system is built, facilities managers should make sure that they have all the safety equipment required to operate the system safely. We can also deliver in-depth training to help teams understand how to operate and maintain thermal fluid systems to ensure regulatory compliance. Global Heat Transfer provides technical advice and engineering services to better manage your system. For example, as part of our boiler and burner maintenance service we can upgrade burner systems to improve efficiency. We also provide a range of audits and surveys to help facilities operate in accordance with health and safety legislation.
Heat transfer services and support in the UK
Our rapid response service ensures that we’ll be on site in four hours* to get your manufacturing system up and running as quickly as possible. In addition, our team can offer support whenever you need urgent assistance.
International heat transfer services
Wherever you are in the world, you can trust Global Heat Transfer for qualified specialist heat transfer engineering support (both remote support and boots on the ground) and all your thermal fluid supplies. Our international clients and facilities in offshore locations can benefit from our thermal fluid analysis kit. The kit includes everything you need to draw a representative fluid sample yourself, prepare the sample and send it to our lab for analysis. Thermocare® 24/7 Live Condition Monitoring offers another level of protection. Both the facility and our experts can use the platform to gather real time data about fluid condition and intervene when an issue is detected.
If you want to find out more about how Global Heat Transfer can support your facility and improve heat transfer fluid management, get in touch with the team by calling +44 (0)1785 760 555. *Average response time for sites located within the UK.